Domestic transportation

  • Land transportation

    The land transportation business is responsible for main transportation actor that accounts for more than 90% of total local goods distribution sharing ratio. BIDC processes container freight transportation, bulk cargo transportation, and heavy freight transportation in all ranges of transportation business for local goods distribution and import and export freight transportation, and provides the best total service in transportation with scientific and systematic methods to reduce the customers' logistics costs.
    In particular, BIDC provides the top services for rapid, accurate, and safe transportation from ports to shippers throughout the bonded transportation and import clearance transportation, and makes all efforts to maximize the convenience of import and export shippers in link with warehouses as a specialized transportation company in imported bulk raw materials and shipbuilding equipment and materials.

    BIDC has expanded the business area steadily after acquiring the freight forwarding license. We promise on-time transportation and reduction in logistics cost through Transportation Management System (TMS) for efficient operation.

    Land transportation
    Land transportation
    Land transportation